Tirana ENHR2017 is open to invite Researchers, Experts interested in Housing issues on 4 - 5 and 6 of September 2017.


For Tirana ENHR2017 details and info please contact:

[email protected]



For Tirana ENHR2017 details and info please contact:

[email protected]


NOTE: The Registration FEE is for participants in the conference Independently of the abstract submission. It means that if second and third author want to attend the Conference should register separately.


already an ENHR Member?



240 Euro




290 Euro




NON ENHR Member.



300 Euro




350 Euro




Early Bird Registration:

(From January to end of March 2017)


Full Registration:

(From April 2017

to 350 Participants)





170 Euro




170 Euro



for PhD Students

from 25 to 30 years old

there's an open workshop on Accompanying fee 170Euro.


Submission deadline will be April 12th, 2017, midnight CET.


for more detail see the WORKSHOP list.

Problems related to the registration:

1. On CVV2 try to insert the last 3 numbers

2. At the end of the registration the process may ask you your security question of the bank card. Ask you bank for further informations.

Reimbursement Policy:


Before end of early registration

– 100% refund.


From 1 of May 2017 – 50% refund


Less than 1 month from the conference – no refund.

to ENHR members:


If for any case the registered ENHR members that do not exist on this list, there will be suggested to chose three alternatives:

1) Make an additional payment as NON ENHR member.

2) Register  at ENHR for membership.

3) Reimbursement policy will be applied.

For registration by BANK TRANSFER click on the following "Open page for BANK TRANSFER info":


Please notice that the full fee as Early Bird Registration should be complete and bank transfer cost are to participant's own charge


Participant Registered by BANK TRANSFER are pleased to contact [email protected]  by email for the REGISTRATION NUMBER


Participants as ENHR Members and Non Members are invited to participate with full rights and services to the Conference., including Welcome Package, Transport, Reception and Conference Dinner.



If you don't wish to discover Tirana alone, bring someone who can participate on the Conference as Accompanying Person. The Accompanying Person will have access to lunch across the conference, the Reception Dinner, the Conference Dinner and a field-trip.

The only areas not accessible are the conference rooms.



book 1 ‘Welcome to the Conference’, book 2 ‘Welcome to Tirana’ and ‘Proceedings Papers’, etc.



From Tirana to POLIS University and vice versa for all the Conference.

Transport for the Field Trips.


Lunch Packet for the Field Trip. (1)

Lunch at POLIS University. (2)


RECEPTION  (by Municipality of Tirana)