Social housing project in Tirana – analysis of pros and cons about social housing in a developing country



Social Houses in Tirana are part of a project that started in 2008 for providing the first social housing stock in 8 cities. This field trip offers a possibility to discuss the opportunities and challenges of such a project in a context of country in development.

This project was a response to a growing need for affordable housing solution for persons that cannot afford market housing and was an experiment for local authorities. The project was financed by a loan from Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and co-financed by a combination of national and local contributions.

The project site is located on the eastern periphery of Tirana, in an ex-industrial area. The field trip includes also a visit to the ex-industrial area, which is transformed into a residential area by people that have squatted the ex-industrial buildings.



Doris Andoni |

Besjona Dede