Before the territorial reform of 2015 the city of Tirana was bordered by the villages of Kashar and Dajti (among others). TThe mayor of Tirana on that period of time had restricted the new constructions giving priority to some other areas in Tirana. The Mayor of Kashar municipality  took advantage of  this  situation to develop a plan for the urbanization of the villages that were under Kashar administration on neighboring fringe of the city of Tirana. All developers who found no more investment opportunities in Tirana left to Kashar.

There was a vital debate on the replacement of the surrounding rural landscape of Tirana with construction of high-rise buildings. Nowadays, after the territorial and administrative reform Kashar belongs to the municipality of Tirana. According to CENSUS of 2011, over 40% of the dwellings in Kashar, are vacant. It is assumed that most of the vacant houses are found in the newly developed apartment blocks. The field trip aims to show the contrasted developments on the two sides of the new “Ring Road”, which divides Kashar into two parts: on one side the high rise, and on the other the informal individual housing and businesses.



Msc. Zenel Bajramaj

Msc. Silvi Jano