Fresku is a new residential area located to the east of the city of Tirana, near Dajti mountain. It is a hilly area that in the last two decades has changed improper construction as well as many other peripheral areas of the city of Tirana. There has been a rapid and uncontrolled urbanization, which has damaged the relationship between the public and the private. From the environmental point of view as well, there has been serious degradation, because of this rapid development. Buildings are built very close to each other without respecting residential standards and with a very high construction intensity compared to what was appropriate.


The density is also high and construction has not occurred in harmony with nature. Public space is lacking and services are at a low rate too. Perhaps also because the area is very close to the city, and people might use the services offered in the city center, or nearby. Along the main street there are opened many typs of businesses like bars, restaurants and other various shops. Previously it was a natural area that belonged to the forestry sector while today it has returned to a residential area. For many years access to this area has been lacking due to continuous construction work. Only during the recent years, a main street has been providing access and facilitating the residents of the area.



PhD Enkelejda Ku├žaj

Msc. Ani Shtylla