The wetland of Durres, although already dried, remains now-days as a toponym for the area. During the 1,300s Durres was under the rule of the Venetian Republic, and it was by then when its inhabitants first tried to dry up the wetland, although not succeeding.  Later on after the conquest on 1400s, the Italian ruling became the first steps on the reclamation. The real drying of the wetland began in 1961 and ended in 1967, bringing a series of problems afterwards.

Until the mid ‘90s, what was once considered a wetland, was a large empty area, almost useless for nothing. Indeed, it was not considered safe even for construction work, as it was under the sea level and overexposed to flooding. If the hydropower of Porto Romano would not function, the land would be vulnerable to flooding due to precipitation of water coming from the hillsides. After the ‘90s thousands of people from the north and south of the country migrated to this area, where they also built their homes.



Msc. Artan Kacani

Msc. Anila Gjika


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Msc. Artan Kacani